Intercept Interviewing: Alive and Kicking

Intercept Interviewing: Alive and Kicking

Okay, maybe our team members aren’t doing any “kicking”, but they sure are out there walking, riding, standing, driving, counting, sitting, observing,  and – most importantly – interviewing. 

With all the talk in the market research world about old school versus new school research methodologies (i.e. CATI versus Internet surveys or “traditional” focus groups versus online groups, etc.), the tried and true method of intercept interviewing often gets left out of the discussion.  Now, whether it gets left out because it has no new school counterpart (kiosks maybe?) or because it is simply overlooked and forgotten about in today’s high-tech, high-speed world is anyone’s guess, but our experience has shown us that on-site, face-to-face interviewing is not a quantitative dinosaur after all.

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