In with the Old, In with (Some of) the New

Great weather, great discussions, and great people all make for one greatly fantastic QRCA conference this year in beautiful San Diego, California.  I was so glad to reconnect with some good friends, make new contacts, and get the lastest word on all the services and technologies offered by the partners that serve the qualitative research industry.

So here are some of my key takeaways from the 2013 QRCA Conference:

  • Get LinkedIn! An incomplete LinkedIn profile is like handing someone a small piece of your business card.  Here's me!
  • 15 minutes a day: If you spend 15 minutes of your day reaching out and following up with contacts and (current and potential) clients, you might not save money on your car insurance, but you might just be saving your business.
  • Go Mobile or go home: Mobile marketing will only get bigger and broader and the qualitative research industry needs to be at the forefront of that explosion, leading the way.
  • Field service companies remain relavant:
    • Two way communication is essential, now more than ever, when facilitating successful partnerships between QRCs and field services.  The staff at the recruiting company work the front lines and can provide valuable insight into screener development and QRCs can help recruitment by briefing their partners on the project's purpose and goals.
    • Sensory research: In person research is still better than online methods for testing sensory resposnses, including Proprioception - which is related to the nerves located inside the body, and not the nerves located on the body's surface.
    • Biometrics, neuropsychology, an dthe subconcious journey all have huge qualitative implications, especially when partnered with in person research methods.
  • Get involved! The best part of my experience this year was being an Ambassador to a First-Timer and I plan to do so every year going forward.  It was rewarding and fun!  As a session host I was able to meet one of this year's best speakers (IMHO), Colleen McKenna of Intero Advisory, LLC., and to be a part of her presentation which was so great.  And now that I am Chair of the Field Committee, I am excited to be working some of the best in the biz to help propel our wonderful organization into the future.


And my most important takeaway? --> Just say NO to stomach dialing!

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