Market Research Tips for 2014

With the new year on the horizon, what lessons have we learned from 2013 that can prepare us for success going forward.  How do we make sure the market research industry remains relevant?  Here are three tips for researchers heading into 2014:

  1. Offer better data, not bigger data.  In 2013 most of us were introduced to the latest buzz term, “big data.”  And aside from being hash-tagged and re-shared repeatedly throughout the social media-verse, it didn’t really add to the collective success of the industry.  Or anything.   All it really seemed to do was provide way too much information while providing way too little knowledge.  Focused data is better data and is what will ultimately drive business decisions in 2014.
  2. Make friends.  We have always believed in the power of partnerships and now more than ever it is imperative to connect with the right people (and not just the multitudes of people).    Government agencies are introducing even more outsourcing requirements so make sure you know who the best MBE’s and SBE’s are in your area.  And no project is too big when smaller-sized firms combine their skills and share in the workload (and in the profits and experience, too).
  3. Get involved.  It is no longer enough to just create a twitter handle and re-tweet attention grabbing headlines to keep our industry and our companies top of mind. If we want the market research industry to remain relevant to those who use our services, then we need to be the driving force behind our own buoyancy.  Join professional organizations like the QRCA and MRA to stay updated on new technology and trends; keep the conversation going, in person and online; and above all, work passionately.  Excitement is contagious and as long as we remain excited about all that qualitative and quantitative research has to offer, and brag loudly about the quality of the effort we put forth, then other people will also be excited to post the they  #GotMarketResearch, too!


Happy New Year!


+1 #2 Drive Research 2016-12-12 01:00
Although this blog is a bit dated, the principles still carry weight. A good market research firm can interpret the data and pull relevant insights rather than overwhelming the company with "more" data. Thanks for sharing!
+1 #1 Marketing Support se 2014-03-21 11:55
Have a look market research services that combine secondary and primary research to provide clients solutions around their growth strategies such as market sizing, market mapping, market entry strategies, marketing insights, competitive landscape analysis, business plan support and partner identification, evaluation and due diligence. :-)

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