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Guy, BBC Research and Consulting
I have found MMS to be flexible, reliable, responsive and friendly to work with.


Scott, Becton/Dickenson
MMS has been a joy to work with.  Their response time from bid requests to project launch is unmatched.  Anyone looking for good cost competitive research needs to give them a try.  


Dave, Granite Partners, LLC
MMS is great at what they do, and really take good care of their customers. Anything that came up, they took care of it, things went very smoothly, we were very pleased with the result. They make it look easy.


Colleen, Public Partnerships, LLC
Maryland Marketing Source was willing to negotiate their contract with us and come to a mutually satisfactory resolution.  In difficult economic times, that is the type of organization that we seek out.


Brenda, The Quan Market Research Company
One of the things that I love about MMS is the consistency of the personnel that I work with there.  They have very little turn over.  As a result, we have a trust that is based on a nearly 10 year history.  Although in some areas our services overlap, I trust that not only will they not undermine my business but trust that they will provide the highest level servicing that will help my business to grow.  A few years back when I prematurely went into labor the night before focus groups at MMS, MMS helped me to identify a moderator, validate the recruit and field the research. Due to their efforts (I am sad to say), I was not missed at all.  The project was a success.  And, they helped me to maintain my relationship with the client.


Alan, Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI)
At Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI), MMS is part of a team conducting surveys on a 3 times per year basis to determine how BWI is succeeding in improving its customer's experience.  We have been very pleased with their service so far. Their survey folks are always professional, courteous, and efficient. They use the latest technology and have successfully completed their work in spite of the difficulties of functioning in an airport environment.


Marian, Marketing Research Services Inc.
Whenever we are able to go into that market for our tests, we will always use this facility as much as possible.


Al, Dataview Research Inc.
For fifteen years MMSI has been my go-to field service, and they have never disappointed me.  They’re good at what they do, their rates are competitive, and they’re enjoyable to work with.  What more could I ask for?


Amy, RealityCheck, Inc.
I really enjoy working with Maryland Marketing Source for various reasons-- personable, quick to respond, great recruiting.  It is the first company that I call when I need to do research in the Baltimore area.


Catherine, Fieldwork Consultant, Healthy Advice Networks
Healthy Advice Networks has been extremely pleased with the quality of the interviewing at the physician's offices where Maryland Marketing Source has conducted patient exit interviews.  The level of customer service from [the supervisors] has been exceptional, and I wouldn't hesitate to call [them] for even the most challenging research projects.