Informed Consent to Participate

Purpose of the Study

We are inviting you to participate in this research project because you have experiences with, and/or knowledge about, a specific topic, service, or product. The purpose of this research is to be guided by your feedback when making strategic decisions.


The market research procedures may involve reviewing media concepts, discussing your opinions individually or in a group setting, answering survey questions, and sharing your thoughts and experiences. You may be asked to meet with us in person or speak via telephone or internet-chat. It is possible that your participation may be observed by the study sponsors. It is also possible that we will record the session and take notes to record your comments and actions. You will be informed if recording will take place prior to your participation.

Potential Benefits

There are no direct benefits from participating in this research. However, possible benefits include meeting others who understand your situation with whom you can discuss your feelings and experiences, as well as providing guidance that could possibly help other people in the future. 

Potential Risks

There are no physical risks in participating in this research. Talking about these topics may be uncomfortable at times.

Participation is Voluntary

Your participation in this research is completely voluntary. You may take a break at any time.  .

Confidentiality and Privacy

While we cannot assure 100% confidentiality, your name will not be associated with any of your responses. Additionally, we will not collect any information from you or any other sources that could identify who you are. Once the study is completed, your information will be stored on our secure server for one year and then destroyed. No one will not try to sell you anything or encourage you to take any action outside of your participation in this research.

Also, you understand and agree to keep all information (including names, brands, descriptions, concepts, slogans, and other intellectual property) and physical property completely confidential. You agree to not discuss, disseminate, or publish the above stated information by any means, including in person, online, and/or via social media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Doing so will prevent any future participation in our market research studies and could potentially lead to follow up action on the part of our represented clients. .


Statement of Consent to be Recorded

By initialing in the box below, you understand that this discussion will be recorded. The recording made of this interview will be used only for analysis and reporting purposes, and you will not be personally identified in any extracts taken from the interview. You understand that no other use will be made of the recording without your written permission, and that no one outside the research team's organization will be allowed access to the original recording.

Statement of Consent to Participate

By entering your name below and pressing submit, you indicate that you are at least 18 years of age; you have read this consent form or have had it read to you; any questions have been answered to your satisfaction, and you voluntarily agree to participate in this research study. You may request to receive a copy of this signed consent form. 

Informed Consent Submission

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If you have any questions about your rights as a participant, please contact Michelle Finzel at (410) 922-6600.