Suite of Services

Quantitative Research

Call center, cubicle, CATI stations, surveys, interviews

Maryland Marketing Source, Inc. is diligent when it comes to gathering data that is important to our clients. 

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Qualitative Research


MMS has been recruiting and facilitating qualitative research since the organization’s inception in 1986. Our recruiters work meticulously to make sure each participant meets your standards as well as our own. 

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On-Site Intercepts

Survey, interview, intercept, on site, on location, market research, quantitative, people, opinions

 Maryland Marketing Source, Inc. maintains a team of highly experienced and professional on-site interviewers who are able to administer surveys outside of the call center.

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Online Methodologies

Online, research, web, social media, listening, text, analysis, focus groups, interviews, surveys,

Maryland Marketing Source, Inc. can reach your audiences who live in the cloud as well as on land. We are experienced with several dynamic and engaging quantitative and qualitative methodologies that enhance your reach as well as your results. 

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Qual Research Consultants

Team, qualitative research consultant, partner, vendor, supplier

Whether your project is local to the Baltimore/Washington Metro area or it spans the country or globe, our QRC’s are available, eager to ensure your project remains consistent from market to market.  

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Additional Support Services

Support, help, market research, survey, interview, focus group, team, partner

We want to support you and your clients any way we can. Small or large, kit or caboodle - please let us know how we can be of service.

Maryland Marketing Source, Inc. is here to help!

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