At Maryland Marketing Source, Inc., we recognize that in order to produce rich, insightful qualitative results, you need qualified people eager to share their views.  MMS recruiters are extremely experienced in reaching out to a wide variety of people from a wide variety of life experiences and situations. 

We also realize that another key component to a successful focus group is comfort. Our goal is always to ensure that people on both sides of the mirror, couch, telephone, or web-cam enjoy a comfortable, relaxing, educational, and productive experience.

In-Person Qualitative Solutions

 Some of the quantitative services we provide include: 

  • Multi-city project management
  • Local and national recruitment
  • Screener development
  • In-depth interviewing (1-on-1s)
  • Qualitative Research Consultation / Moderation services
  • Mobile Research

Online Qualitative Solutions

Our global world keeps on growing, but reaching people has never been so easy.  We are glad to offer many "new" online qualitative methodologies that can broaden your horizons while minimizing expenditures. Some of these methods include:

  • Online Focus Groups (with or without web-cams)
  • Online bulletin boards
  • Communities (MROC)
  • Social Media market research
  • Natural language processing and analysis
  • Usability and customer experience research

Qualitative Research Consulting

Michelle Finzel is a RIVA trained moderator with hundreds of focus groups and in-depth interviews notched on her briefcase. When utilizing her services, she will partner with you to cultivate the best strategies, develop discussion guides and screening instruments, supervise recruitment, manage facility and/or platform logistics, moderate, and deliver a written report discussing the results.